Bowie Basement Remodeling before and after

This basement refinishing project in Bowie, MD gave these homeowners a new TV room.

This job completely remade a dark, unwelcoming space into a bright fun room to share with family and friends.

The Basement Remodeling Plan

The owners of this house wanted to make over their roughly finished basement for a modern family TV room.

To start the remodel, we removed the dark old wood paneling. The ceiling was already low, and hanging light fixtures made it seem even lower. So we wired the room for recessed lights and installed them in the ceiling. This lighting helps everyone feel like they have the most headroom possible, and brings in a lot of warm, adjustable light.

The floor had old square tiles glued to the cement. Since they were very secure and not thick, we installed wall-to-wall carpet directly over the original flooring. Putting carpet over tile was one of the most cost-effective steps in this project.

Dealing with Air Ducts when Refinishing the Basement

The duct work was another issue we needed to deal with. Air ducts aren’t pretty, but you can’t easily change them and stay on budget. So we created bulkheads to hide the ductwork neatly, using as little space as possible. We painted the sides the wall color, and the bottoms the ceiling color. This is the best approach to help them blend into the background as much as possible.

The homeowner chose the location of the TV for the wall that we we planned for the bulkheads. So we premeasured the exact dimensions of the TV to provide the perfect space to frame their TV, and to help us choose the correct height for the floating shelf below.

Their attention to detail and real craftsmanship made a huge difference and the end result, was phenomenal in quality and experience. We are truly delighted with the work they have done! — homeowners Dave & Andrea McLachlan

The Secret to This Modern Look

You may wonder — where are the wires? Because the owners planned their sound system and electrical needs in advance, we were able to conceal all of the wiring — making for a neat, clean sleek-looking TV room.

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