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Bathroom Remodeling Bowie MD

The bathroom is the room most homeowners in Bowie want to update when they call me for an estimate. The first question is “How much will it cost?” Your pink tub or old tile is driving you crazy. But you’re worried that the cost will be more than you want to spend.

Insider Secret #1: Know the top 3 areas that add to cost when remodeling your bathroom. Then decide how much you want to spend in each place.

Here are the 3 areas in the bathroom that add most of the cost, and the price points to choose from:

Cost Driver #1: The Tub/Shower Area

The most labor-intensive thing to replace is the tub. This area can add the most to the cost of your remodel.

Upscale: Replace your tub with one of a different size, or with a shower and tempered glass. You get the biggest change, but it’s also the most expensive. A plumber needs to re-position the drain and faucets. You have a larger area for tile. A tempered glass enclosure looks great when professionally installed.

Mid-Range: Replace your old tub with a new one of the same size. This also keeps the plumbing and tile areas the same. You can go for tempered glass doors with a tub, or use a shower curtain.

Economy: Refinish your existing tub. This may sound unusual but it’s worth checking out. A new epoxy glaze lets you change the color. You save hundreds of dollars. Instead of replacing a tub – about $1,200 with labor – refinishing runs $450-$600 for most tubs.

Cost Driver #2: The Sink and Vanity

The sink area is the second most costly area to update. Sink, vanity and counter tops set your price – here are the options:

Upscale: If you have the space and a great design, granite slabs and custom sink bowls and faucets are luxurious.

Mid-Range: Large granite tiles give you the look of stone with lower cost, because they are set like tile. Another option is solid surface counters using quartz or man-made materials.

Economy: You can choose not to have a counter top. A new vanity and sink alone can add the style and function you want. Showrooms at Home Depot, Lowes, and elsewhere give you a great selection at different price points.

Cost Driver #3: Tile

Tile can add a lot or a little to your overall cost, depending on what you choose:

Upscale: If you’re set on a designer look, you may need an expensive tile. Glass, metallic and stone tile may cost around $20 per square foot for average material. Designer tile adds your personal flair to your overall look.

Mid-Range: Accent tiles can help you avoid spending more than you want. Get ideas from store displays or online. Ceramic tile is usually more affordable than porcelain, stone or glass.

Economy: Keeping your tile neutral saves your budget. When homeowners aren’t sure what to pick, I recommend neutral color ceramic tile. I’ve seen great results with tiles priced under $1.00 per square. You can use paint, towels, or other accents for color, if you have a good solid background with tile.

Choosing the right price point for the most expensive parts of the job is the first secret to getting bathroom remodel estimate you can live with.

Insider Secret #2: The cost isn’t set in stone. Advice from the right remodeler gives you more cost control than you might expect.

You can use your free consultation with a professional remodeler to help plan your budget. A good remodeler will tell you about options for material and labor to get the look you want for the right price.

Insider Secret #3: Avoid paying retail.

A good professional contractor has helpful business connections. For example, my company, Qualis Construction, can often get contractor discounts on certain materials. When you choose a contractor who’s got great professional contacts and passes on the savings, you get an even better price on your project.

Use these 3 Secrets to Get Your Best Bathroom Remodel

Ready to remodel your blast from the past? First know where your money goes. Then, when you choose a bathroom remodeler with quality workmanship and cost- saving suggestions, you get the best possible results for your budget.

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